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Chord/Tab for: Old Ways
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
Old Ways

Submitted by: Chris Lawrence (

Notes about this song:

  • Some of the intro pickings are more estimates than anything else. Neil changes them each time he plays them.
  • Tuning: Dropped standard (DGCFAD).
  b = bend   ^ = pull off  (3) = bend the 3rd fret and pick it

  D-----------------           -------------------
  A-----------------           -------------------
  F--3b-0-3b-0----0-           --3b-(3)-3^2^0---0-
  C------------3b--- (strum G) ---------------3--- (G)
  G-----------------           -------------------
  D-----------------           -------------------

  D-3-1------------     ----------------      --------
  A------1b--3-1-0-     ----------------      --------
  F----------------     --3b--3b-3---0--      --------
  C---------------- (G) -----------3---- (G)  --------
  G----------------     ----------------      --2-3-4-
  D----------------     ----------------      --------

D    G
Old ways
C               G
Sure is hard to change 'em
D         G
Come what may
     C                          G
It's hard to teach a dinosaur a new trick
C                D
Lately I've been findin' out
G             C        F C 
I'm set in my ways
    G    D                   G
Old ways can be a ball and chain.

Repeat Intro (ad-lib).

Well I'm gonna stop that grass
And give up all this drinkin'
Really gonna make my life last
Clean up my whole way of livin'
Up until the party last night
I was a different man
But old ways got the way again.

Repeat Intro.

Economy was gettin' so bad
I had to lay myself off
but workin' was a habit I had
so I kept showin' up anyway
Then one day things turned around
I got my back pay
Old ways coming through again.

Outro (similar to intro, etc).

I got old ways
I got old ways
Old ways
I got old ways