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Chord/Tab for: Southern Man
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)

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Chords/Tabulature for
Southern Man

Submitted by: Chuck Singer (

Notes about this song:

  • This is an Am version, that is a popular alternative with members of Rusted-Guitars.
  • There is no evidence to suggest Neil has ever played it this way.
  • Additional input from members of Rusted-Guitars (team effort)
  • Standard Tuning (EADGBE).
  Am    x02210
  Dm    xx0231
  Dsus2 xx0230
  G     320003
  F     133211
  E     022100

Intro: (Am 2nd string: hammer on 0-1, 1-3 to 1, 0-1)
Am / / / F / Dm Dsus2 (play twice)

Am                  G
Southern man better keep your head
F                      Dm
Don't forget what your good book said
Am                    G
Southern change gonna come at last
F                    Dm
Now your crosses are burning fast

Repeat Intro:
Am / / / F / Dm Dsus2
Southern Man
Am / / / F / Dm Dsus2

Am               F     Dm    Dsus2
I saw cotton and I saw black
Am                      F      Dm     Dsus2
Tall white mansions and little shacks
Am                         F        Dm    Dsus2
Southern man when will you pay them back?
I heard screamin' and bullwhips crackin'
How long, how long? Ho-o-ow long?