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Chord/Tab for: Thrasher
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


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Submitted by: David M (

Notes about this song:

  • Capo on 2nd fret
  • Harmonica: D
They were hiding behind hay bales,                 
            F              C                       
They were planting in the full moon                
          C    C/B      Am7     Am7/G      F   G   
They had given all they had for something new      
But the light of day was on them,                  
            F                 C                    
They could see the thrashers coming                
         C     C/B         Am7                     
And the water shone like diamonds                  
Am7/G   F    G                                     
In the dew.                                        
F               G                                  
And I was just getting up,                         
     C*                    F  F* F                 
Hit the road before it's light                     
F                   G           C*  Cmaj7 C Cmaj7 C
Trying to catch an hour on the sun                 
        F                    G                     
When I saw those thrashers rolling by,             
         C        C/B       Am7  Am/C              
Looking more than two lanes wide                   
       Dm7                           G             
I was feelin' like my day had just begun.          
Where the eagle glides descending                  
            F             C                        
There's an ancient river bending                   
          C        C/B       Am7  Am7/G            
Down the timeless gorge of changes                 
        F             G                            
where sleeplessness awaits                         
I searched out my companions,                      
          F                C                       
Who were lost in crystal canyons                   
          C       C/B      Am7                     
When the aimless blade of science                  
Am7/G         F            G                       
Slashed the pearly gates.                          

F                       G                      
It was then I knew I'd had enough,             
            C*             F   F* F            
Burned my credit card for fuel                 
F                        G                 C   
Headed out to where the pavement turns to sand 
        F                     G                
With a one-way ticket to the land of truth     
         C      C/B    Am7   Am7/G             
And my suitcase in my hand                     
       Dm7                                 G   
How I lost my friends I still don't understand.
They had the best selection,                   
           F                C*                 
They were poisoned with protection             
            C*    C/B        Am7  Am7/G        
There was nothing that they needed,            
F                G                             
Nothing left to find                           
They were lost in rock formations              
     F                  C                      
Or became park bench mutations                 
         C       C/B         Am7    Am7/G      
On the sidewalks and in the stations           
            F         G                        
They were waiting, waiting.                    
F                   G                          
So I got bored and left them there,            
                C             F   F* F         
They were just deadweight to me                
 F                G                 C          
Better down the road without that load         
 F                               G             
Brings back the time when I was eight or nine  
        C                 Am7   Am7/G          
I was watchin' my mama's T.V.,                 
             Dm7                           G   
It was that great Grand Canyon rescue episode. 

Where the vulture glides descending               
       F                C                         
On an asphalt highway bending                     
         C     C/B    Am7  Am7/G                  
Thru libraries and museums,                       
 F             G                                  
Galaxies and stars                                
Down the windy halls of friendship                
       F                     C                    
To the rose clipped by the bullwhip               
       C      C/B    Am7                          
The motel of lost companions                      
Am7/G       F               G                     
Waits with heated pool and bar.                   
F                G                                
But me I'm not stopping there,                    
        C               F   F*  F                 
Got my own row left to hoe                        
F             G                    C              
Just another line in the field of time            
F                                   G             
When the thrashers comes, I'll be stuck in the sun
           C             Am7   Am7/G              
Like the dinosaurs in shrines                     
But I'll know the time has come                   
To give what's mine.                              

E --0---3---1---0---0---0-----3---0----1---0------------------    
B --1---1---1---1---1---1-----0---0----1---0------------------    
G --0---0---2---0---0---0-----0---2----2---0------------------    
D --2---2---3---0---2---2-----0---3----0---2------------------    
A --3---3---3---2---0---0-----2---3----0---3------------------    
E --3---X---1---X---X---3-----3---1--------3-----------------     
    C   C*  F  C/B Am7 Am7/G  G   F*  Dm7 Cmaj7                   
INTRO: (using a pick alternately pick the notes within the chords)
E ----------3----------------------1--1-3--0------------------    
B ----------1----------------------1-------1---------------1--    
G ----------0----------------------2-------0-------------0----    
D -----0H2--2--0H2--2P0------------3-------2-----------2------    
A ---3------3----------3--2P0------3-------3-----0-2-3--------    
E ---------------------------3--1--1----------3---------------    
            C*                     F       C                      
E ------------------------------1--1--0------3--                  
B ---------1--------1--------1--1--------3---0--                  
G -------0--------0--------0----2------------0--                  
D -----0--------2--------2------3------------0--                  
A ---2--------0-----------------3------------2--                  
E ---------------------3--------1------------3--                  
                                F            G                    
E -------------3-------------1--1-3--0------------------          
B -------------1-------------1-------1---------------1--          
G -------------0-------------2-------0-------------0----          
D -----0---0H2-2--0H2--0-----3-------2-----------2------          
A ---3---3-----3----------3--3-------3-----0-2-3--------          
E ---------------------------1----------3---------------          
               C*            F       C                            
E ------------------------------1--1--0------3--                  
B ---------1--------1--------1--1--------3---0--                  
G -------0--------0--------0----2------------0--                  
D -----0--------2--------2------3------------0--                  
A ---2--------0-----------------3------------2--                  
E ---------------------3--------1------------3--                  
                                F            G