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Chord/Tab for: California Sunset
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(written t.b.d.)     (notes below will be moved here eventually)


Chords/Tabulature for
California Sunset

Submitted by: Chris Lawrence (

Notes about this song:

  • Tuning: Dropped Standard (DGCFAD)
  • Sometimes instead of playing a normal D, Neil moves up to a D7.
  C  x32010
  G  320003
  G7 320001
  D  xx0232
  D7 x5453x

C / / / G / / / D / / / G / / /

    C            G           
I remember long ago
       D                  G   G7
How I wondered where I'd go
            C                       G
While the blizzards, cold wind and snow
         D             G
Pounded outside my window

     C        G
California sunset
       D           G   G7
Going down in the West
         C             G
All the colors in the sky
       D              G
Kiss another day goodbye

(Play intro twice for fiddle solo)

Land of beauty, space and light
Land of promise land of might
You're my home now and it's true
California, here's to you


(Play intro twice for fiddle solo)