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Details about The 1997
International RustFest

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The Dates:
Friday-Sunday, October 17-19.

The Location:
Saratoga Springs Resort and Campground (southwest of San Jose, California)
  • Here's a picture of the Cathedral Grove, which will be the "common area" for the IRF.
  • Here's the resort layout. The Cathedral Grove is to the right, the campgrounds are below the bottom edge of the layout map.
  • Here are some other pictures from around the resort.
  • Read Conductor's description of the place. (The "Longbridge" area he speaks of was subsequently switched to Cathedral Grove, which doesn't involve the noise concerns that Longbridge did.)

Here's a static map.
Here's a Mapquest interactive map. (Use the "zoom" buttons on the right of the map to get a wider view, or to zoom in even closer....)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Here's the FAQ, by Computer Cowboy.

Overall fee to recoup combined expenses: $5/person, $10 or $12/family. Any excess will be donated to the Bridge School. Pay at the Fest.

For those already paying to camp at the Saratoga Springs Resort (where the Fest is being held) there are no further charges, except a $2/day fee per dog if you bring one.

Those staying elsewhere will have to pay Saratoga Springs Resort's "day use" fees. These are (per day):

  • $4.95 for adults weekdays
  • $6.95 for adults on the weekend
  • $3.50 for children 4-12 on weekdays
  • $4.95 for children 4-12 on the weekend
  • $2.00 for dogs

Everyone who's going to attend the IRF needs to register in advance, via the registration page set up by Joe The Loner Berkemeier.

Rust Activities:
  • Live Rustie music! Acoustic and electric - Please bring an instrument if you can!
  • A cybercast of the music and other activities is in the works.
  • Ongoing IRC chat will let folks keep in touch with the rest of Rustdom.
  • Video will be shot for the Journey Through The Fest video.
  • Campfires.
  • An open Bridge School Donation Raffle will be held.
  • Another Bridge School Donation Raffle will be held exclusively for those attending the IRF, featuring several signed items.
  • Shuttle (for those who need it) to the Bridge Benefit shows.
  • An OPL RustFest for those who are in the area the evening of Thursday the 16th.
  • Create your own!

Transportation Arrangements:
Joe The Loner Berkemeier has set up a registration process for people to request rides to/from the airports.

Mary Maguire has found some good rates on Alamo automobile rentals.

Chuck King's IRF page has links to several other transportation sites (airlines, other car-rentals, etc).

Camping Arrangements:
Here's the campground info on Saratoga Spring's pages.

fontainebleau has set up a reservations page for people who are going to camp at the IRF site.

You can also discuss sharing of camping equipment or make other arrangements by posting to Joe Berkemeier's IRF Barter Board

Other Lodging:
Mary Lonesome Whistle Maguire and Christopher Horn have provided the data for a list of nearby hotels, motels & hostels.

Again, you can also discuss sharing of lodgings or make other arrangements by posting to Joe Berkemeier's IRF Barter Board

In Case of Emergency:
Jim Beller has arranged for a centralized emergency messages system. The number to use is: (650)873-8023 extension 15. (If area code 650 doesn't work for you, try using 415.) You can leave messages there that will be checked for regularly during the IRF. You can also check there to see if someone has left you an emergency message.

The Conductor says:
"My guess is that the avg temp around here should be around 55 at night. It seems colder at Shoreline if the wind is blowing. That's why layered clothes are recommended there. In other words it's not that cold if you're prepared."

Here's the current weather map for the Bay Area.
And here's the five day forcast for the area near the IRF site.

Other IRF Pages:
Chuck King's page
Calistar's page
Joe Berkemeier's IRF Barter Board
fontainebleau's Campers page
fontainebleau's Music page

Other Useful Links:
Tour Watch - Latest news & rumors about the Bridge show.
The Bridge School - Their own official web site
The Bridge School - Their earlier un-official web site (here)
Bridge Concert-Goers Guide - Calistar fills you in.
The Catalyst - Lots of Neil History made here...
The Shoreline Amphitheatre - ...and here...
The Fillmore - Lots of ROCK History made here...
Bay Area Concerts - A great reference...
Roaring Camp & Big Trees Railroad - A Cool Side Trip...

Here's a Yahoo page with lots of links for the area around Saratoga.
Here's another centered on San Jose.
And another, centered on Mountain View.





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