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On The Bed
Live Rusties

featuring Shakey Kato & The Festers

On December 1, 1995 a group of Rusties gathered in a hotel room in Toronto in celebration of their mutual admiration for Neil Young. This tape is a partial record of the event. Everything you hear was recorded in single takes, without rehearsal, directly from a vantage point On (or near) The Bed.

Shakey had a cold. Kato forgot his lyric books. The beer was late. But the music was great, and Andy got it down on tape.

Shakey Kato and the Festers are:

  • Jack Shakey Mullins
  • John Kato Kitamura
  • Kim Unknown Legend Mutcher
  • Andy Cutlass Supreme Strote
  • Zain Patel
  • Mary Maguire
For more about the Toronto RustFest, where On The Bed was recorded, check here.

The initial release of this tape was on the "B" side of the Sacred Roots tribute album, which was initially treed with the Sleeps With rust@death tribute album.

These are the songs on the tape:
1.Out On The Weekend 4:12
2.Homegrown 2:03
3.Too Far Gone 2:45
4.Old Man 3:15
5.Heart Of Gold 2:58
6.Don't Cry No Tears 2:14
7.Don't Let It Bring You Down 2:14
8.Fuckin' Up 3:35
9.The Old Homestead 8:02
10.Ohio 4:00
11.Mellow My Mind 2:48
12.Sugar Mountain 5:53

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